Our tools and equipment

As professionals in garden creation / design, landscaping and garden maintenance, we love nature. As a result, we place a lot of importance in respect of the environment, both for the sustainable development and for the health of the surrounding forests and plants such as shrubs, lawns or other floral arrangements that make all the beauty of your garden.

We favor the use of electrical tools and machines.

Electric engines have advantages that allow us not to disturb the tranquility of the occupants of your villa, or the potential neighbors that may be present around.

However, we can sometimes use thermic engines when the situation requires us to do so.


  • Avoid pollution and exhaust residues.
  • Work quietly thanks to the electric motors.


  • Increased mechanical power for larger jobs.
  • Limited use to what is strictly necessary.

Nos véhicules

Produits écologiques

In addition to the equipment, we also use environmentally friendly products for fertilizer and plant treatments in your garden, as well as the products we use to maintain your pool, to keep it's water clean, clear and fresh.